If you would like to have a Telemedicine visit please call our office to schedule. You will need to have internet access with a Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer, with microphone and camera access.

Once you have scheduled an appointment with our office, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the link below that corresponds with the provider you are scheduled with, 10 mins prior to your appointment.

Enter your First Name and Last Initial, then click the blue box that is labeled “Check In”.

You are now in your provider’s virtual waiting room. While waiting for the provider please review the consent.

Once you are logged in it will alert the provider, you are in waiting. Please keep in mind the provider may be in with another patient and will be with you soon.

Dr. Howerton: https://doxy.me/howerton
Dr. Payman: https://doxy.me/DrPayman
Dr. Ricketts: https://doxy.me/drpaulricketts
Dr. Waldholtz: https://doxy.me/drwaldholtz
Dr. Yagel: https://doxy.me/DrYagel
Dr. Williams: https://doxy.me/festus
Kerryann Fogarty, NP: https://doxy.me/kerryannnp