Dr. Michael J. Ryan
Dr. Michael J. Ryan
Dr. Michael J. Ryan was recognized today as the 2017 award winner of the Southgate Leigh Oustanding Physician Award. Some of the comments read about him are shown below. Congratulations to Dr. Ryan!

Dr. Mike Ryan is the epitome of Sentara commitment. He truly lives by the commitment to improve healthcare delivery to his patients every day. This commitment is surrounded by his drive to provide the highest quality of care, insuring the best outcomes, as well insuring the safety of these deliverables to his patients. His compassion to patients is surpassed by few if any and serves as a model for those who work with him in his care teams. His integrity and commitment is tireless.

Dr. Ryan in not only a participant in commitment to professional practice, he is a leader! His willingness for this > 30 years of activities as a physician at Sentara Hospitals Norfolk has been to educate on all levels. He is the first one to volunteer for educational programs for healthcare providers and has done innumerable grand rounds at EVMS – both for internal medicine, surgery, cardiac surgery and family practice. He has also done countless community based talks to patient groups, specific disease advocacy consortiums, as well as care providers. He is a sought after lecturer who everyone wants to learn from. He is the “go to” person in particular for eastern Virginia for complex liver disease issues, and has emerged with both a regional and national reputation for his hepatology expertise. These initiatives are all done because of his commitment to professional practice, recognizably also on Dr Ryan’s time set against the backdrop of his heavy clinical load of patient care.

Dr. Ryan’s commitment to insure and promote best patients outcomes sets the standard which all should follow. His commitment to the personal involvement in the patients care is unwavering and tireless. He engages on all levels of communications with the patient and their families. He brings comfort and compassion to all aspects of his care. His dedication can be attested to many who have also witnessed him in over the thirty plus years at Sentara Leigh, pushing a patient’s bed to the ICU in order to expedite care, or running himself to the blood bank to get the life saving blood products delivered when most needed!

Dr. Ryan promotes collaboration in all aspects of a high performance team. Driven by pursuit of excellence, tempered with judgment and compassion, he serves as the ultimate team leader for care delivery to his patients. He is the first to help teach the team about a disease state, new technology or techniques. He also does the same frequently, when appropriate, involving both patients and their families in such discussions, ever more allowing them to be knowledgeable participants in the care team.

Dr. Ryan is the consummate clinician – dedicated to improving healthcare of his patients every day. He is a model physician serving Sentara Leigh patients and healthcare staff alike – always committed to promoting the highest quality of care, as well as insuring patient safety and best clinical outcomes, all at the highest levels of integrity. He truly is the epitome of the recognition of Sentara Leigh Physician Excellence Award!